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Aldora Britain Records – Blink Album Review

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Reviews

See the original review on the Aldora Britain Records E-Zine.

The Weekly Independent Music E-Zine. Issue 47. March 17, 2021 (AB47, page 5)

“In other news, Boo Sutcliffe’s new record, Blink, is astonishing. The art of songwriting is very much alive and in fantastically good health. If I had to pick two introductory listens to give a taste of the album, they would be the opening track, ‘Meet Me In…’, a witty and cleverly written song that travels around the world with intelligent wordplay and flawless musical backing, and ‘Letter to My Younger Self’, another track that puts an emphasis on strong and captivating songwriting whilst also conveying a brilliant Americana folk undertone. This album is amazingly Sutcliffe’s debut. Amazingly because he sounds like he is a seasoned storyteller that should already have dozens of masterpieces under his belt. I suppose this is the outcome of self-funded but passionate musicians. Please check it out today to ensure that there are many more Boo Sutcliffe records to come. Thank you!”


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